Tracing the story of the iconic brand back to its true origins.


Great coffee is universal. From the first cup of the morning to the pitch-perfect shot that rounds off the meal in the some of the world’s finest restaurants.

Nespresso started that revolution over 30 years ago. With the idea to make barista-grade coffee as easy as pressing a button. The Nespresso concept – sleek machines with colourful coffee pods – made it one of the most recognised brands in the world.

We helped Nespresso stir a deeper, closer relationship with the world’s coffee connoisseurs, by tracing a richer, more vivid and more colourful story of flavour right back to its origins.

In the beginning, there was the pod. And the pod made Nespresso iconic. But with other coffee makers now free to imitate this original signature of distinction, Nespresso needed a new set of codes to express their art de vivre. We developed a visual and verbal language that celebrated the alchemy and provenance at the origin of every cup.

A textured luxury palette of black, white and gold dramatised the mood and character of the brand. Hand-crafted scripts took inspiration from one-off blends. A map of signature tones made it easy to navigate Nespresso’s nearly-infinite world of flavours.

We put the energy and passion at the heart of the brand into the styles for its three core ranges: Master Origins, Explorations and Cradle.

With Cradle of Ethiopia Harrar and Uganda Robusta coffees, we worked with paper-cut artist Marianna Rodriguez to bring new life to old tales - the story of Kadi, the Abyssinian goat herder who first discovered the coffee berry, and the fables of brotherhood of Ugandan tribes, with colours inspired by landscapes and flavours of the origins of coffee.

With Exploration, we took cues from local culture – the farmers hats of Columbia’s Aguadas and Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe, or the traditional Rangoli art form of India’s Malomoney – to turn up the accents on the place behind each blend.

And with Master Origins, we celebrated the craftsmanship of plantations’ harvesters, each unique to its individual place.

We continue to work side by side with Nespresso, contributing advertising to enrich the cultural meaning of its ‘What Else?’ ethos. And looking for the next chance to lift a little bit more of the extraordinary into the everyday.