Where the gaming community comes to life.


A rebrand that positioned DreamHack as the cultural epicentre of the global gaming community. 2.7 billion gamers strong and growing, this is where one of the world's most passionate communities becomes one of the world's most powerful experiences. 

Working in partnership with DreamHack's leadership team across two continents, we created the global brand strategy, architecture and identity system that is set to be adopted across its network, and rolled out both digitally and physically, at the brand's dozens of festivals and broadcasts. 


DreamHack started in 1994 as small LAN party in rural Sweden. A place where friends could come and share a passion for video games that the world did not yet fully understand. 

Today, DreamHack is a cultural institution within the global gaming community, hosting over a dozen gaming festivals, uniting millions of gamers around the world every year to celebrate all things gaming: from esports, to cosplay, to heavy metal. 


The challenge DreamHack faced was that the sub-culture that it had played a central role in creating, had gone mainstream. The world that DreamHack attendees had once sought to escape had become a world that embraced them. The tight knit clique of hard-core gamers had become a global movement made up of billions of passionate players. 

As gaming entered a new chapter of its history, DreamHack needed to shape its new role for the next part of the story. Redefining its proposition to its rapidly growing audience, while still staying true to its founding principles. 

A brand once only for the insiders, had the opportunity to become a brand for everyone, evolving to accommodate gaming's latest community members, without losing sight of what made it so special in the first place. 


An ambition to elevate the community it serves 

We decided to write DreamHack's constitution. The recipe for its secret sauce. Locking in its intangible authentic spirit, while also opening DreamHack up to a new generation of fans. 

We developed the brand positioning 'Where the gaming community comes to life' to encapsulate DreamHack's commitment to the gaming community. 

To be the meeting point where every gaming subculture and counterculture intersects, to celebrate gaming in all of its forms. 

To create an environment where they feel at their most free to express themselves and bring their vision of gaming to life. 

A brand identity that brings the community to life

The visual identity we developed for DreamHack is a literal representation of the gaming community brought to life. Using a living warp made up of an ocean of screens, in reference to DreamHack's iconic LAN heritage, the identity expresses the vibrancy, energy and dynamism of the community that DreamHack serves. The warp's unpredictable nature creates an 'otherworldly' visual experience, capturing the feeling of attending a DreamHack, while also giving attendees implicit permission to express themselves freely and share passions that may not be understood outside its doors. 

The flexible identity system serves as a platform for DreamHack's continual growth. An open platform to elevate any niche and tap into any zeitgeist. To continually evolve, as the global gaming community continues to evolve. 

DreamHack's visual world strikes the balance between feeling authentically DreamHack, a homage to the past and a dedication to its cult following, while also communicating an appeal that any gamer can understand and get excited about. Protecting the best of the past and opening up to the best of the future.