Capturing the emotions at the heart of BBC Two.

BBC Two was founded in 1964, with a remit to carry more knowledge-building programming than any other channel. Ever since, it’s been a runway for the boldest and most risk-taking. Stories that surprise you at every turn.  

But, without a rebrand in over 20 years, and in a now-much-busier media landscape, viewers were struggling to say what BBC Two stands for.

We worked with BBC Creative to conjure a radically diverse, and radically different identity system. One that puts diverse, contrasting emotions at the heart of the experience. Infinite in mood and expression, and every bit as unpredictable as the cutting-edge content either side of it.

We began from the inside-out. BBC Two’s programming is an emotional rollercoaster. Where else can you move from hard-hitting documentary, to raucous comedy, to cookery show or the art show, without warning? Whatever it is, it gets a reaction. It makes you feel something, immersing you into its stories and entertaining the viewer.

An ad-free environment gave us the ability to own and curate the entire experience between programmes. Since the shows are about what you feel, we made our idents do the same. Instead of genre, we divided by the spirit of the programmes: ‘offbeat’ for comedy, ‘visceral’ for drama, ‘anarchic’ for cutting-edge documentaries, all varied in style, texture and tone, but all reflecting the character of the content.

We then collaborated with some of the best British and global animators and artists to bring each mood, or emotional state to life. Radical diversity demanded radical freedom. The likes of FutureDeluxe, The Mill, Conlan Normington, David Mcleod and Ari Weinkle had full license to express the given idea, or mood, in their own unique interpretation.  


The central curve of the numeral ‘2’ becomes a glue for infinite artistic expressions. Meanwhile British composer Alex Baranowski’s two-note soundscapes create a seamless, atmospheric gateway between each animation. Echoing the subtle swings and sudden emotional jolts that are now beautifully, unmistakeably BBC Two.

"We have been working to re-invigorate BBC Two, making it the home of the most urgent documentaries, the most brilliantly crafted dramas, the most mischievous comedies, the most eye-opening history and science. The new channel branding reflects this constantly eclectic and stimulating mix of programming and I am so excited to see it help define this next stage of the channel’s evolution."

Controller of BBC Two