Superunion Corporate

Reports, reports, reporting. Made with more-than-meticulous rigour, all the usual standards of transparency and compliance, and an unusual level of creative flair. 

They succeed when they not only meet the aspirations of their customers, but also the expectations of investors, policy-makers, regulators and society. They must be compelling but also transparent, responsible, conscientious and fair.

Forty years’ experience refreshed and enhanced.

Superunion Corporate is designed specifically to help with this challenge. It draws on forty years’ experience, first as Addison Group, now refreshed and enhanced to help clients make sure their brands are built on broad foundations. 

We know how to make insight and evidence work together. We know how to harness creativity to make an impact, and we know how to deliver to exact specifications. And with this expertise now fully integrated across our global network, it’s more powerful than ever.



Creating brands that integrate strategy and performance with culture, values and purpose.

B2B communication

Creative communication to help customers engage with the company behind the products and services.

Sustainability communication

Creating impact and credibility through the seamless integration of sustainability into the corporate narrative.

Digital communication

Delivering digital experiences that deliver a powerful articulation of our clients’ brands.

Corporate reporting

World class advice on communication, compliance, and the effective presentation of content.

Employee engagement

Combining creativity and strategic clarity to build engagement and a clear sense of direction.

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